I told the zen master about the Playmobil figures, the feeling of being an empty puppet among other empty puppets. Clearly with his teaching about emptiness in mind.


Emptiness, by the way, understood as the fleeting way of the universe, empty of our ideas and concepts that we constantly take for real.


He took out his sword and slashed my Playmobil figures.


No, he said.


This is not emptiness. It is just your imagination.


  • Stang Gubbels

    02.11.2023 at 10:59 Beantwoorden

    Alles is leegte.

  • Willemijn

    04.11.2023 at 09:10 Beantwoorden

    Zenmeesters be zenmeesters.
    Mooie blogs, ik volg je heel graag.
    (Enneh puppit of puppet?)

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