Time is us


Time is a funny thing. Some say it is the most imaginative thing we as humans came up with. Caught in a circulair clock when in fact it is lineair. Caught in a lineair countdown when in fact it is circulair.


Living our individual lives from birth to death, we find ourselves caught up in struggles and love-affairs in a vast indifferent universe. Unfolding and collapsing at the same time.


The assignment for my remaining time on Earth: navigate this world with all means necessary, probe the planet, investigate, hesitate, persevere, take nothing for real except what is real in itself.


What is real in itself got a new dimension with the coming of age of AI, which has, apart from reality, its own realness. The ancient quest for the real thing, it does not alter.


Please join me in this navigation, this investigation, this quest for what is real, and just, and imaginable.